Cover of student rights guide
This document summarizes the current laws governing students' life in Washington's public primary and secondary schools.
Cover of the parents' guide to truancy

A practical guide on the process of truancy enforcement in Washington schools.

cubierta de guía familiar de representacion con las mesas directivas escolares
Guía para familias que quieran hablar y representarse con la mesa directiva de sus distritos escolares.
Cubierta de guia familiar de disciplina escolar
Información sobre los procesos de disciplina en las escuelas públicas de Washington.
Cover of the school board advocacy guide
A tool for parents who want to communicate and advocate before their school board.
Photo of cover of parents' guide to student discipline
This pamphlet provides nuts-and-bolts advice for parents whose children are facing disciplinary proceedings at a public school. It is designed for those who intend to advocate for their children in meetings with administrators, hearing officers, and school boards.
ACLU flyer explaining the need for laws to protect privacy.
Cover of What to Do If You're Stopped By the Police Wallet Card

A wallet-size card with tips on how to handle a police encounter.

Cover of our rights with FBI card in arabic and english

A wallet-size card with tips on how to deal with the FBI, aimed at the Arab community.

Access to government records is an important right of citizenship. Government agencies have often worked in secrecy, but today you have the right to inspect and copy a wide variety of government records. This applies to many types of documents, as well as any files maintained on you, unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure by law. By using the state and federal disclosure laws, you help make open government a reality.