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Police drone

Support Reasonable Regulations on Government Drones

For decades, local law enforcement has used aviation for specific and limited purposes, such as search and rescue, high-speed chases, and traffic control. Helicopters require costly equipment and fuel and risk loss of life, so law enforcement has used them sparingly. Read More »
Stingray device photo

Washington Becomes a Leader in Restricting Use of Invasive Stingrays

Governor Inslee has signed into law a bill restricting the use of cell site simulator devices (popularly known as “Stingrays,” after a particular model).  Stingrays are emblematic of the threats to privacy posed by new technologies and expanding government surveillance activities. The new law makes Washington state a leader in regulating Stingrays and includes judicial education and data retention provisions that are the first of their kind in the nation. Read More »
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Military Internet Surveillance of Civilians Must Be Excluded From Criminal Trials

For years, with seemingly little to no oversight, the Naval Criminal Investigative Services has been monitoring vast amounts of non-military U.S. Internet traffic and communications, looking for evidence of criminal activity. Read More »
Capitol building with pickets

Pull the Plug on the Patriot Act

The past few years have seen numerous attempts to reform the notorious Patriot Act and its problematic provisions which the NSA has interpreted to permit unprecedented dragnet surveillance. None have been successful, thanks in large part to the continued fearmongering of the “war on terror.” Read More »
Gordon Hirabayashi

A Birthday Salute to Gordon Hirabayashi, American Freedom Fighter

April 23 would have been Gordon Hirabayashi’s 97th birthday. He was an American hero with a long and arduous journey of justice. Read More »

Asylum Seekers Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Posting Bond When They Flee Their Homes

No one should be locked up because they don’t have the money to buy their freedom. But this is the plight of countless men and women currently imprisoned in our immigration detention system. Read More »

Updated: A Guide to the Rights of Transgender People in Washington State

We are proud to announce the latest version of our transgender “Know Your Rights” guide, The Rights of Transgender People in Washington State. Read More »
Debtor's Prison

Exposing Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons

How do you turn $41 into over $2,000?  Courts across Washington and throughout the U.S. have figured out how to turn small fines for routine traffic violations and other non-violent infractions into major debts for individuals without the means to pay.  HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver recently examined this subject, noting the ways in which differences in race and income levels are creating two justice systems: one for the rich and one for the poor. Read More »
Chris Soghoian and Jared Friend

Reining in the Surveillance Society at Town Hall Seattle

The ACLU-WA hosted a talk at Town Hall Seattle on March 11th on Reining in the Surveillance Society.  Read More »

LFOs: Court Rules Courts Must Consider a Person’s Ability to Pay

The Washington Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that courts must take into consideration a defendant’s ability to pay before imposing discretionary legal financial obligations (LFOs). The ruling represents a significant step towards reforming a system that traps people in a cycle of poverty and incarceration. Read More »