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Amy Roe: Writing for a Change

A self-described “word nerd and news junkie,” Amy recently joined the ACLU-WA staff as Senior Writer. Amy has had a strong presence in the Seattle journalism world. In addition to editing Real Change, Amy has worked as a reporter for the King County Journal, the Seattle Times, and the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and as a web producer for KOMO News. “My journalism background makes me a natural ally of free speech rights,” Amy noted. Read More »

State Supreme Court: Work messages on a public employee’s cell phone are public record

Work-related text messages on a public employee’s personal cell phone are public records subject to disclosure, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled Aug. 27. Read More »

ACLU Urges Seattle to Delay Enforcement Action Against Hookah Lounges

The ACLU of Washington is concerned about the City’s announced plan to shut down hookah lounges across the city. We believe that city enforcement decisions that will deprive business owners of their livelihood should not be made in haste.

Read the full letter to Seattle Mayor Edward Murray below. Read More »


Clarence Moriwaki: Pushing for Alternatives to Capital Punishment

Clarence Moriwaki has joined the ACLU of Washington staff as our Campaign Manager for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. He is heading up our work to end capital punishment in Washington, developing strategies to replace it with life imprisonment without the possibility of release. Read More »
Seattle Police Department

Seattle Police Admit Mishandling ACLU's Black Lives Matter Request

The Seattle Police Department has repeatedly failed to meet its own deadlines for producing records we requested seven months ago related to the SPD’s handling of Black Lives Matters/Ferguson protests held in November 2014. Read More »
Image of a ballot box

Making History: Latino Voter Participation Increases under Yakima’s New District System

Yakima held its first election under the City Council district system created by an ACLU-WA lawsuit. Many people in new majority-Latino districts who didn’t vote in the last primary cast ballots this year – showing citizens will participate in elections when they have a meaningful opportunity to do so. Read More »

Washington Supreme Court Rules Judges Can Use Age to Impose Lower Sentences for Youth

The WA Supreme Court has ruled that a judge can consider a defendant’s young age in imposing a sentence for a crime committed after his 18th birthday. The ruling affirmed what parents have known and scientists have confirmed: that the brain does not achieve full maturity until well past the age of 18. Read More »

ACLU calls on San Juan to comply with Washington’s Reproductive Privacy Act

The ACLU of Washington is calling on San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1  to comply with Washington’s Reproductive Privacy (RPA) Act and enable women to obtain vital reproductive healthcare services.  The ACLU has written to the District asking it to change its policies and practices to fulfill its obligations under state law. Read More »

Andrew Nelson: Philosophy and Civil Liberties

Andrew Nelson has long sought justice and dignity for people working their way through the legal system. His first experience in the field was as a defense advocate in the Bellevue Youth Court, a youth-led juvenile diversion program in his hometown of Bellevue, WA. Read More »

Making History: Yakima Primary Shows Impact of ACLU’s Voting Rights Suit

The impact of the ACLU-WA’s successful voting rights suit was apparent in Yakima’s primary election as a record number of Latino candidates ran for City Council. Read More »