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Photo of a Juvenile Jail

Jailing Kids? We can do better

On any given day, more than 60,000 children are locked up in our nation’s juvenile facilities. Whether it’s an urban jail or a rural boot camp, the results are the same. Youth locked up in secure facilities experience more mental problems, achieve a lower level of education, and make less money over their lifetimes. Research also indicates that the detention experience may increase the chances of re-offending. Read More »
Trumbo Screening

Trumbo Shines Light on Life of Blacklisted Screenwriter

The ACLU-WA and SIFF Cinema Uptown present a special advance screening of Trumbo on Tuesday, November 10 at 7 p.m. ACLU-WA Communications Director Doug Honig will moderate a post-screening discussion with Nikki Trumbo, daughter of Dalton Trumbo. Read More »

Latino Voters Making History in Yakima

Oct 29, 2015
An historic advance for Latino voters in Yakima is taking place in the wake of an ACLU-WA legal victory Read More »
Photo of Larry Wilmore

ACLU Honors NW Immigrant Rights Project, Pasco Activists, Student Poet

The ACLU-WA is honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to civil liberties: the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project for its long history of defending civil liberties; Consejo Latino and Tri-Cities Community Solutions, which have mobilized community response to the police killing of a Mexican man in Pasco; and student activist Acacia Salisbury, who has used poetry to speak out against injustice. (Above: Comedian Larry Wilmore at the ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner, where the awards were presented.) Read More »

Cash Bail Reserves Freedom for Those Who Can Pay for It

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But those who can’t afford cash bail must forfeit their freedom while awaiting trial. ACLU-WA asserts this unequal treatment—freedom for those with money, jail for those without— is neither fair nor effective. Read More »

Lobbying for Affordable and Safe Abortion Care for All Women

This week ACLU was part of a five-person Washington state delegation from pro-choice organizations that lobbied to get rid of bans that deny abortion coverage. Read More »

State Agency Compliance with “Motor Voter” Law Improves Access to Voting in WA

Oct 21, 2015
Individuals now have a much improved opportunity to register to vote when they sign up for public benefits, thanks to efforts made by the state to improve compliance with the Ntl. Voter Registration Act. Read More »

Seattle’s New Crime Analytics Program Threatens to Perpetuate Racism in Policing

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has announced a new “Real Time Crime Center” that would use historical crime data in decisions about deploying police officers. Although this may sound like a smart move to incorporate analytics technology in law enforcement, in practice it would perpetuate existing institutional racism in policing. Read More »
Photo of Suleiman Abdullah, torture survivor and plaintiff in lawsuit

ACLU Sues Psychologists Who Designed and Ran CIA Torture Program

The ACLU is representing three men who were tortured by the CIA and who are now suing the architects of the agency’s torture program.  Read More »
Tor logo

Organizations Supporting Tor: Help Us Help You!

The ACLU of Washington would love to hear from organizations that have or are planning to roll out either Tor relays or the Tor Browser. Supporting Tor is part of our work advocating for privacy, access to information, and free speech. Read More »