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Photo of Suleiman Abdullah, torture survivor and plaintiff in lawsuit

ACLU Sues Psychologists Who Designed and Ran CIA Torture Program

Three men who were tortured by the CIA are suing the architects of the agency’s torture program.  Read More »
Tor logo

Organizations Supporting Tor: Help Us Help You!

The ACLU of Washington would love to hear from organizations that have or are planning to roll out either Tor relays or the Tor Browser. Supporting Tor is part of our work advocating for privacy, access to information, and free speech. Read More »
Photo of Jayne Fuentes

Funding the Criminal Justice System on the Backs of the Poor: ACLU Sues Benton County for Operating Debtors’ Prison

After struggling with addiction and mental illness, Jayne Fuentes served her time, found a job and got her life back on track. She’s been sober and crime-free for three years, but one thing still dogs her: fear of being jailed or forced to do physical labor because she can’t afford to pay the government. Read More »

ACLU Calls for Changing State Law on Prosecuting Police for Killings

The prosecutor has decided not to file charges against Pasco police officers who killed a man throwing rocks. The decision shows a clear need to amend our state law on use of deadly force by law enforcement, so that police can better be held accountable. Read More »

Fighting Censorship of The Children’s Hour Set the Stage for the ACLU

The ACLU is proud to cosponsor The Intiman Theatre’s production of The Children’s Hour, an historic play that helped establish the ACLU’s reputation for defending art and literature from censorship and marked the ACLU’s first involvement in LGBT issues. Read More »

Courts Should Review Harsh Sentences from Ill-Conceived Drug Laws

The War on Drugs has left thousands of people locked up under sentencing laws now widely viewed as discriminatory and not based in fact. An ACLU-WA brief is taking aim at the effects of an egregious Drug War policy: the lengthy sentences being served because of the government’s wrongheaded distinction between crack and powder cocaine, resulting in a 100:1 crack-powder disparity in sentences. Read More »

Martha Reyes: Promoting Equal Rights for All

Martha is the ACLU-WA’s new Programs and Events Manager. She joins our staff with years of experience working with various nonprofits, including the Seattle Human Services Coalition, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, and Social Justice Fund Northwest, where she managed communications, membership development, and policy outreach. Read More »

Amy Roe: Writing for a Change

A self-described “word nerd and news junkie,” Amy recently joined the ACLU-WA staff as Senior Writer. Amy has had a strong presence in the Seattle journalism world. In addition to editing Real Change, Amy has worked as a reporter for the King County Journal, the Seattle Times, and the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and as a web producer for KOMO News. “My journalism background makes me a natural ally of free speech rights,” Amy noted. Read More »

State Supreme Court: Work messages on a public employee’s cell phone are public record

Work-related text messages on a public employee’s personal cell phone are public records subject to disclosure, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled Aug. 27. Read More »

ACLU Urges Seattle to Delay Enforcement Action Against Hookah Lounges

The ACLU of Washington is concerned about the City’s announced plan to shut down hookah lounges across the city. We believe that city enforcement decisions that will deprive business owners of their livelihood should not be made in haste.

Read the full letter to Seattle Mayor Edward Murray below. Read More »