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House unanimously passes bill to end debtors’ prisons

Feb 4, 2016
The Washington House of Representatives today passed a bill (HB 1390) to end debtors’ prisons in Washington and reform our state’s system for court-imposed debts. The measure passed by a unanimous 97-0 vote. Read More »

Prosecutors Should Think Twice Before Charging Teens Who Sext

The ACLU-WA is encouraging prosecuting attorneys around the state to exercise prosecutorial discretion when considering whether to press charges in cases involving youth and the sharing of sexually-tinged photos, known as “sexting.” Read More »

Hannah McCreary: Finding creative ways to make change

The wide range of issues the ACLU works on is a big part of its appeal for Hannah McCreary, volunteer Communications Coordinator for ACLU’s Communications department. Read More »

Support Civil Liberties in the 2016 State Legislature

January 29, 2016
Replacing the death penalty . . . ending debtors’ prisons . . . holding police accountable . . . strengthening voting rights . . . preserving anti-discrimination regulations that protect transgender people. The ACLU-WA is working to extend and defend civil liberties in this year’s legislative session in Olympia. Read More »

Alex Morkill: Helping People Access their Constitutional Rights

Alex Morkill believes everyone should have access to their Constitutional rights, regardless of their ability to afford a lawyer. That’s why volunteering at the ACLU has “a feel good-purpose to it,” he said. Read More »

Martin Mendiola: Striving to Put Ethics into Action

Martin Mendiola is interning with the ACLU-WA Communications Department to apply what he’s learning in school. Read More »

ACLU-WA Asks Court to Overturn Anti-Panhandling Law

The ACLU of Washington has filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Washington Supreme Court to strike down a Lakewood ordinance that unconstitutionally infringes on freedom of speech. Read More »
Photo of Marty Jacobs

Marty Jacobs: Working for Big-Picture Change

Since November, Marty Jacobs has been volunteering as a researcher on the ACLU-WA’s campaign to end the death penalty. Read More »
Photo of Alicia Dudziak

ACLU Volunteer Alicia Dudziak has a passion for helping people, and puppies

Alicia Dudziak divides her time at the ACLU between working at the reception desk and as a legal intake counselor. The roles are complementary, Alicia said, in that they both involve contact between the general public and the ACLU. Read More »
logo of lead program

Treatment programs can arrest root causes

Too many people with mental illness and addictions end up behind bars. This isn't good for them, and it hasn't made the public any safer. Read More »