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Police officer getting aggressive with protester

Balancing Police Oversight and Privacy: ACLU Offers Recommendations for Body Cams

Police departments across the state have adopted or are looking to buy on-officer recording systems, or “body cameras,” to provide oversight for law enforcement. These cameras can be very beneficial for accountability to prevent or identify police misconduct. But, they also pose risks to privacy for those captured in the recordings.

The ACLU-WA has generally supported use of cop cams to assist with oversight provided that the systems are governed by clear policies that address privacy concerns and prevent these systems from being used as a general surveillance tool. Today, the national ACLU has released a set of recommendations about law enforcement use of body cams. The policy recommendations suggest rules that will help police departments craft effective use policies.

The recommendations are available here

Police Wearing Vidio Cams

All of us at TimeStream News Service oppose the use of body cameras by police officers due to serious concerns over citizen privacy and potential future misuse of these videos by government - Every door opened to government seems to lead to unanticipated consequences with further loss of liberties. Leave the job of videotaping the police to citizens videotaping and the media. ~ Members ACLU

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