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Nikkita Oliver: An Activism-Based Approach to Law

The ACLU of Washington has many wonderful interns who assist with our work. We would like you to meet some of them.

It was the ACLU-WA’s involvement in community activism and engagement that initially attracted legal intern Nikkita Oliver to join our team, as she, too, is strongly activism-oriented. Since college, she has served as a youth programs director, intervention specialist, chaplain at the Youth Detention Center, teaching artist, and teacher/administrator. Nikkita loves working with young people, and “strives to listen first and speak when necessary.” ACLU-WA staff attorney Vanessa Hernandez, with whom she is working, does personal, one-on-one case work, which Nikkita finds very appealing. Nikkita’s experience with the ACLU-WA has also increased her devotion to working for police accountability.

In preparation for her third year of law school at the University of Washington, Nikkita is working closely with Vanessa on the Second Chances program – an ACLU-WA project that provides legal services to individuals who are seeking to overcome the barriers posed by criminal records. Additionally, Nikkita is working on community legal education projects. Her goal is to strengthen community understanding of civil rights issues by drafting “Know Your Rights” guides and facilitating workshops – an ongoing project which she has already begun at Cleveland and Rainer Beach High Schools in south Seattle through UW.

In Nikkita’s free time, she boxes at Arcaro Boxing. She “spits poetry” with the Seattle Poetry Slam, where she is the Slam Master and reigning Grand Slam Champion. She plays music and teaches writing and performance art workshops through the City of Seattle’s Community Arts Partners Roster. Nikkita is looking forward to completing law school next June and continuing to serve the community with a new legal toolkit.

K.O. Nikkita is IN THE

K.O. Nikkita is IN THE BUILDING!

Get it sis!!!!

So proud to know you and call you friend.

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