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Protect your rights: learn the rules for dealing with the police

Do you have to allow a police officer to search your car when you are stopped for a traffic violation? Are you required to identify yourself to a police officer if you are not driving a car? Can you videotape a police officer arresting someone in public?

Encounters with the police can be stressful experiences - even for people who have done nothing wrong. Learn the rules for dealing with the police by taking our short quiz. The facts you'll learn will help you to protect your rights!

You need to know your rights to be able to protect them. Take the quiz and share it with your friends. Be ready and exercise your rights!

Also, check out a basic video primer on how to protect your rights in encounters with police officers. Produced by Flex Your Rights.

police in Sumner WA

the police here have slhown themselves to be arrogant and not willing to listen to us older citizens. They did not properly investigate an incident in my apartment complex for elders regarding someone coming in and taking someones dog from their apartment. These people had staljked her dog and her. I consider their actions to be against the law and a matter of elder abuse.

Know your right

Many people just fears to come across police even if they don’t commit any mistake. Police will take adverse advantage of this and exploit the situation for their benefit, as a citizen of the country everyone has right to protect themselves again such type of act and your post will definitely help those innocent people against these. But at the same time its very important to understand that police are doing their duty these days there lot of security threats and sometimes they need to treat people in unfair way if they found something suspicious but i agree there must be some security credentials in order to deal with this.Thanks for sharing this helpful information with us.

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