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Surprise Proposal at Bill of Rights Celebration Dinner brings tears!

The Bill of Rights Dinner on Saturday was such a celebration!  I have to tell you a story about it.  We gave an award to Major Margaret Witt, the medaled air force major who was drummed out of the service under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  We won her case and she participated in the successful effort to get Congress to rescind Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  At the end of her acceptance speech, she said “I have a final, sort of personal thing to say.”  She turned to her partner, and said, “Laurie, I have a question to ask you. (pause, and the whole room gasped)  Will you marry me?”  The room exploded!  It was such a wonderful moment and the only proposal in the 30+ years I’ve been attending the Bill of Rights Dinner.

I would like to offer a huge

I would like to offer a huge congratulations to You both! I had the pleasure of meeting you Margaret at our pride celebration in Spokane Washington in 2011. I have a wonderful picture of you with my twin boys Shay & Cayden. You are truly an inspiration. Much love to you both! 

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