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Madeleine Harnois: Using research to build a case for change

The breadth and depth of the ACLU’s work is a plus for Chicago native Madeleine Harnois, who is interested in many aspects of human rights and civil liberties. Read More »

Lawsuit Says Tacoma Police Withheld Documents About Use of Stingray Surveillance Device

The ACLU-WA is suing the Tacoma Police Dept. for failing to disclose records related to its use of a highly intrusive stingray surveillance device. The suit seeks information vital to holding police accountable to the public it serves. Read More »

ACLU Report Urges Changes in Pasco Police Policies

The ACLU-WA has issued a report calling for major reforms in Pasco police policies in order to prevent unnecessary deaths and excessive use of force. (Pictured above: Felix Vargas of Consejo Latino, Jennifer Shaw of the ACLU-WA, and Jeremy Peterson of Tri-Cities Community Solutions at a press conference in Pasco) Read More »

House unanimously passes bill to end debtors’ prisons

Feb 4, 2016
The Washington House of Representatives today passed a bill (HB 1390) to end debtors’ prisons in Washington and reform our state’s system for court-imposed debts. The measure passed by a unanimous 97-0 vote. Read More »

Prosecutors Should Think Twice Before Charging Teens Who Sext

The ACLU-WA is encouraging prosecuting attorneys around the state to exercise prosecutorial discretion when considering whether to press charges in cases involving youth and the sharing of sexually-tinged photos, known as “sexting.” Read More »

Hannah McCreary: Finding creative ways to make change

The wide range of issues the ACLU works on is a big part of its appeal for Hannah McCreary, volunteer Communications Coordinator for ACLU’s Communications department. Read More »

Support Civil Liberties in the 2016 State Legislature

January 29, 2016
Replacing the death penalty . . . ending debtors’ prisons . . . holding police accountable . . . strengthening voting rights . . . preserving anti-discrimination regulations that protect transgender people. The ACLU-WA is working to extend and defend civil liberties in this year’s legislative session in Olympia. Read More »

Alex Morkill: Helping People Access their Constitutional Rights

Alex Morkill believes everyone should have access to their Constitutional rights, regardless of their ability to afford a lawyer. That’s why volunteering at the ACLU has “a feel good-purpose to it,” he said. Read More »

Martin Mendiola: Striving to Put Ethics into Action

Martin Mendiola is interning with the ACLU-WA Communications Department to apply what he’s learning in school. Read More »

ACLU-WA Asks Court to Overturn Anti-Panhandling Law

The ACLU of Washington has filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Washington Supreme Court to strike down a Lakewood ordinance that unconstitutionally infringes on freedom of speech. Read More »