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Protect Your Electronic Privacy: Here Are Some Tools

Mozilla, the makers of the FireFox web browser, and Google have recently announced plans to incorporate “Do Not Track” features into their browsers.  What this means is that users are finally afforded a simple opportunity to opt out of having their Internet activities tracked by marketers.  

While it is great to see these companies finally start to take consumer’s privacy seriously, these are by no means the only tools available to consumers. We’ve compiled a list of free or mostly free tools that are to install, either as an add-on to your current browser or as stand-alone software.  We’ve also included tools that you can use to privatize you mobile computing experience, regardless of whether it is an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone 7 device.  Read More »


Ross Dress for Less Redresses Discrimination

The ACLU-WA was recently contacted by a transgender woman who experienced discrimination at the Ross Dress for Less in Lynnwood, Washington. While trying on clothes in the women’s dressing room, this woman was interrupted by the store manager, sternly told to put on her “regular clothes,” and loudly and repeatedly instructed to leave the dressing room area immediately. The ACLU-WA contacted Ross’ headquarters to explain that the Lynnwood store manager’s actions clearly violated the Washington Law Against Discrimination. Read More »

It's Working! Keep Pushing to Replace the Death Penalty.

Thanks to your activism, the Washington state Senate is holding a public hearing on Wed., Feb. 9 on SB 5456, a bill to replace the death penalty. Now that you have their attention, tell them it’s time to follow Illinois, New Mexico, and other states and stop wasting millions of our tax dollars on a capital punishment system that is broken beyond repair. Tell your Senator to support replacing the death penalty with life in prison without paroleRead More »

Oly Update: Regulate & Tax Marijuana Bill Gets a Hearing; Sen. Committee to Vote on Medical Cannabis Bill

Tomorrow, the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee will hear testimony on HB 1550. This bill would regulate and tax marijuana for adults twenty-one and older. Marijuana production and sales would be regulated by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

The Senate Committee on Health and Long-Term Care will vote on Monday afternoon, whether to advance SB 5073, the Medical Use of Cannabis Act. This legislation would provide qualifying patients protection from arrest for their medical use of cannabis, and give law enforcement a bright line with comprehensive regulation of the production and dispensation of medical cannabis. Read More »

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Developer Challenge: Build Apps to Improve Mobile Privacy

 By Brian Alseth, ACLU of Washington, and Chris Conley, ACLU of Northern California With all their convenience, smartphones can also collect and share vast amounts of data that can paint a detailed picture about someone’s life: your current location, where you have been, who you know, what you search for online, and more. Without strong privacy protections, smartphones and other mobile devices can pose a real threat to your privacy. Read More »

Surveillance Abuses: Report Details Pattern of Egregious Violations by the FBI

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently released a report on Patterns of Misconduct:  FBI Intelligence Violations from 2001 – 2008 that details the gross number of violations made during FBI investigations. Through a Freedom of Information request, EFF received nearly 2,500 pages of documents that include FBI reports to the Intelligence Oversight Board. Its analysis has revealed three categories of violations that occur with the most frequency.  Read More »

Can You See the Love Tonight? No, Because It’s Censored.

When is a happy, healthy, and well-to-do family considered censorship-worthy?  According to a grocery store in Arkansas, censorship is necessary when the family includes same-sex parents. Read More »