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Montes v. City of Yakima

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Making History: Latino Voter Participation Increases under Yakima’s New District System

Yakima held its first election under the City Council district system created by an ACLU-WA lawsuit. Many people in new majority-Latino districts who didn’t vote in the last primary cast ballots this year – showing citizens will participate in elections when they have a meaningful opportunity to do so. Read More »

Making History: Yakima Primary Shows Impact of ACLU’s Voting Rights Suit

The impact of the ACLU-WA’s successful voting rights suit was apparent in Yakima’s primary election as a record number of Latino candidates ran for City Council. Read More »

Court Orders New District Voting System to Provide Meaningful Voice for Latinos in Yakima Elections

The U.S. District Court for Eastern Washington today issued an order requiring Yakima to implement a plan for seven single-member districts for City Council elections. The action followed a 2014 ruling that the city’s election at-large election system unlawfully diluted the votes of Yakima’s Latino residents. The decision came in a lawsuit by the ACLU of Washington challenging Yakima’s system for violating the federal Voting Rights Act.    Read More »