ACLU of Washington CLE: Incorporating Race Equity into Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation

Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
WSBA Event ID #1165763, Approved for 2.0 Ethics Credits

Twyla Carter is a frequent speaker about bail and police reform and how to incorporate race and culture into litigation. Ms. Carter’s presentation covers the history of slavery and how white supremacy and racism continue to permeate American society, and explains how attorneys can weave race and culture into their litigation work to help tell the client's personal story. The presentation emphasizes building to a better practice – being aware of the race equity aspects of a case, investigating them fully, linking them to legal arguments applicable to various aspects of a case, and persuasively presenting the information to the prosecutor, jurors, and judges. As just one example, the presentation shows how a BIPOC client’s behavior like running from the police may satisfy the objective reasonable person standard if the reasonable person standard is not viewed through a white lens. The presentation discusses how attorneys’ commitment to handling cases this way is an essential component of fighting back against systemic racism and both explicit and implicit bias in the legal system. 

All attendees will be entered into a drawing for an ACLU of Washington prize package.
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