Shutdown NWDC Campaign launch- Pack Out City Council Meeting!

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 2:00pm
Tacoma Municipal Building
Groups in Washington State Join Campaign to Shutdown Immigration Center in Tacoma

Dozens of groups from around Washington State will gather at Tacoma City Hall to launch a new campaign calling on Tacoma City Council to shut down the now infamous Northwest Detention Center (aka Northwest ICE Processing Center). La Resistencia, a grassroots group that supports the leadership of those detained at NWDC and calls for an end to detention and deportations in our state is coordinating a state-wide coalition of grassroots, legal, service and faith organizations, all of whom declare that detention has no place in Washington State.

Following the campaign launch and press conference, those gathered will attend the meeting of the Committee on Vitality and Safety and the City of Tacoma public hearing to demand City Officials create a clear timeline to shut down the NWDC and end the inhumane treatment that people detained have suffered there since the cages first opened in 2004.

WHO: Dozens of organizations including La Resistencia, API Chaya, WAISN, KHAAG, and more

WHAT: Press conference to announce the launch of Shutdown NWDC campaign