The University of Washington Honors Program presents: Technology, Ethics and Social Change: Who Cares?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Husky Union Building North Ballroom
Emerging technologies seem to be influencing systems and individual choices at a rate and scale beyond our ability to understand. What’s actually happening and what can or should we be doing about it?
Each year, UW Honors freshmen tell us what keeps them up at night. Their concerns set the focus of a robust public event where experts from different backgrounds demonstrate the power of collaborative problem-solving at high levels of engagement. Students are concerned about lack of governance, transparency and ethics in fields driven by new technologies.

Paradigm-shifts driven by rapid technological advancements impact all of us, but who decides how they are designed or deployed? What does accountability look like in such a complex environment?

We invite our entire community to explore this topic together in a public conversation with speakers Anna Lauren Hoffmann (UW iSchool), Ece Kamar (Microsoft Research) and Shankar Narayan (ACLU) at the UW Honors Program’s 2019 Global Challenges/Interdisciplinary Answers event.