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Immigrant Rights (page 2)

Court Ruling Brings Justice to Injured Worker

In 2002, Alex Salas was a carpenter climbing scaffolding at a work site on a wet day in October when he slipped and fell more than 20 feet. He suffered 10 fractures and underwent 13 surgeries, and sued the contractor who was responsible for his injuries. At the first trial in 2006, the contractor was ruled negligent as a matter of law but the jury refused to award any damages to Mr. Salas. At a second trial that ended a few weeks ago, the jury awarded over $2.5 million in damages. Why the difference? Read More »

Salas v. Hi-Tech Erectors

ACLU-WA filed an amicus brief supporting Mr. Salas before the Washington Supreme Court, explaining that evidence of immigration status admitted at trial was prejudicial. Read More »
U.S. Flag


Date: June 14, 2015 - 10:30am - 1:30pm
Location: Seattle City Hall, (600 4th Ave)
Join the ACLU of Washington as we celebrate Seattle's Flag Day Festival.  This event celebrates citizenship and civic engagement by featuring a naturalization ceremony and citizenship renewals. We’ll be tabling at a resource fair that offers tools and services that facilitate and inspire participants’ civic engagement. Read More »

Asylum Seekers Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Posting Bond When They Flee Their Homes

No one should be locked up because they don’t have the money to buy their freedom. But this is the plight of countless men and women currently imprisoned in our immigration detention system. Read More »

Community Groups Call for Senate to Move on Voting Rights

Apr 13, 2015
Today 44 community groups from around the state sent a letter (attached) to Washington state lawmakers calling upon the legislature to pass the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA). Read More »

Federal District Court Judge Rejects Longstanding Washington Immigration Court Policy as Unlawful

Apr 13, 2015
A federal court today held that immigration judges in Washington state must consider releasing detained immigrants on conditions of supervision instead of requiring a money bond. Read More »

Rivera v. Holder

The ACLU of Washington, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and ACLU Immigrant Rights Project filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of noncitizens challenging the federal government’s policy and practice of denying the authority of Immigration Judges to release noncitizens eligible for bond on conditional parole under 8 U.S.C. § 1226(a). Read More »
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Groups Ask Federal Court to Block Deportation Hearings for Children Without Legal Representation

Aug 1, 2014
The ACLU and civil rights groups have asked a federal court to immediately stop the government from pursuing deportation proceedings against several children unless it ensures they have legal representation. The move comes as immigration courts are speeding up deportation hearings via a "rocket docket." Read More »
Young, Scared, Alone, and in Court

Groups sue feds over failure to provide legal representation for immigrant children facing deportation

Jul 9, 2014
The ACLU and allies are pursuing a lawsuit challenging the federal government's failure to provide immigrant children with legal representation in deportation proceedings against them. It is unfair to force children to defend themselves alone against government prosecutors. Read More »