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ACLU Sues Psychologists Who Designed and Ran CIA Torture Program

Oct 13, 2015
Three former CIA prisoners represented by the ACLU filed a lawsuit today against the two psychologists who designed and implemented the CIA’s torture program. Filed in federal court in Spokane, the suit alleges war crimes and unlawful human experimentation. Read More »
Photo of Suleiman Abdullah, torture survivor and plaintiff in lawsuit

ACLU Sues Psychologists Who Designed and Ran CIA Torture Program

The ACLU is representing three men who were tortured by the CIA and who are now suing the architects of the agency’s torture program.  Read More »
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Organizations Supporting Tor: Help Us Help You!

The ACLU of Washington would love to hear from organizations that have or are planning to roll out either Tor relays or the Tor Browser. Supporting Tor is part of our work advocating for privacy, access to information, and free speech. Read More »

Sealing Juvenile Records – ESHB 1651

Bill: ESHB 1651
Position: support
Status: Passed House 97-1 and passed Senate 48-0; has gone to Governor to be signed into law.
ESHB 1651 addresses this problem by making most, but not all, juvenile offense records private, while assuring that law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and researchers have the access that they need to maintain public safety and improve our juvenile justice system. Read More »

Regulating Government Use of Drones – EHB 2789

Position: support
Status: Passed the Senate by a 46-1 vote, passed the House by 77-21, but was vetoed by governor.
Law enforcement and other government agencies are increasingly acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles – aka drones. Read More »

U.S. State Department Gets a Lesson

Last month, Seattle Metro buses were running a disturbing ad.  Funded by the U.S. State Department, the ad featured pictures of 16 men wanted around the globe for terrorist activities.  The pictures of the men, all appearing to be Muslim with turbans, beards, and brown skin, were right below the large, bold message “FACES OF GLOBAL TERRORISM.” Read More »
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Why the NSA’s gathering of metadata matters

Goverment power that operates unchecked behind closed doors is inevitably abused. The recent disclosures about the secret NSA surveillance programs prove this maxim. Read More »

Protect the privacy of your DNA

DNA contains a person's most private information. Proposed legislation would require mandatory collection of your DNA upon arrest, even if you are never charged or convicted. In America, our Constitution guarantees your right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Collecting DNA from the innocent will do nothing to make us safer. Tell your legislators that you oppose this unwarranted expansion of government power. Read More »

GPS Tracking: The Supreme Court Takes a Step for Privacy

The United States Supreme Court on Monday unanimously decided that law enforcement needs a warrant to place a GPS tracking device on a vehicle. We applaud the Supreme Court for ruling correctly that warrantless installation of a GPS device violates the Fourth Amendment. Read More »