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Press releases about ACLU of Washington actions, in chronological order.

Woman Unfairly Denied Housing Sues Tenant Screening Company

Apr 4, 2013
A Kent woman unfairly denied rental housing is suing the tenant screening company that recommended she be denied housing because of a two-decade-old criminal conviction. It violates the Washington Fair Credit Reporting Act for tenant screeners to report criminal history information older than seven years. Everyone deserves a fair chance at a fresh start. Read More »

ACLU Urges City Council to Put Teeth into Surveillance Law, Delay Vote to Add Auditing Process

Mar 18, 2013
The ACLU of Washington welcomes the proposal to establish a process for the acquisition of surveillance technology by the City of Seattle. Transparency and opportunities for public input are essential , as we have seen recently with controversies generated by the City’s acquisition of drones and  also a system of surveillance cameras and a mesh network. Read More »

Secure Mobile Chat App Wins Develop for Privacy Challenge

Aug 5, 2011
The ACLU –WA and other privacy advocates have announced that Gibberbot, a secure instant messaging and chat app, is the winner of the 2011 Develop for Privacy Challenge ( The Challenge co-sponsors made the announcement in a celebratory event at the DEFCON security conference. Read More »

Final Settlement of Lawsuit Protects Amazon Users’ Privacy and Free Speech Rights

Feb 9, 2011
The final settlement of a lawsuit in which the ACLU intervened will protect the privacy of what customers read, view, and listen to via their purchases on  Read More »

Court Upholds Amazon Users’ Privacy and Free Speech Rights

Oct 26, 2010
In a victory for privacy and free speech on the Internet, a federal court emphasized  that government officials cannot watch over our shoulders to see what we are buying and reading. Read More »

ACLU Intervenes in Lawsuit To Protect Amazon Users’ Personal Information

Aug 13, 2010
Standing up for consumer rights, the ACLU says that individuals have the right to read books, view films, and buy other items without the government keeping tabs on what they choose to read, watch, or purchase. Read More »

Court Ruling on Collection of DNA Endangers Privacy, Says ACLU

Jan 20, 2010
The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that police don't need a warrant or permission from a suspect before collecting genetic evidence from saliva used to seal an envelope. The ACLU had urged the Court to consider the risks to personal privacy from abuses of this practice. Read More »

ACLU-WA Backs Right of Domestic Violence Survivors to Protect Privacy in Court Records

Jul 16, 2009
The ACLU-WA joined with several women's rights and civil rights groups in urging the WA Courts of Appeals to back the rights of domestic violence survivors to protect their privacy in court records. Read More »

Big Brother in the Parks: ACLU-WA Opposes Police Surveillance Cameras

Jul 15, 2009
Research has shown that government cameras in public places don’t reduce crime. The ACLU-WA has been a vocal opponent of efforts to place police surveillance cameras in Seattle parks. Read More »