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Press releases about ACLU of Washington actions, in chronological order.

ACLU Asks Washington Utilities Commission to Investigate Phone Companies and NSA Spying

May 23, 2006
The ACLU has asked the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to investigate reports that telephone companies have regularly shared consumer telephone records with the National Security Agency without lawful authority. Read More »

ACLU Seeks To Protect Privacy of Hotel Guests

Apr 19, 2006
The ACLU has filed an amicus brief challenging Pierce County’s practice of routinely examining hotel registration records without reasonable suspicion of a crime. Read More »

Murray, Inslee, McDermott Vote Against PATRIOT Act

Mar 7, 2006
Senator Patty Murray and Representatives Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott were among the brave members of Congress who opposed the renewal of the PATRIOT Act. Show your support for their decision! Read More »

Government Should Not Spy on Peaceful Groups

Feb 22, 2006
Statement by ACLU-WA Executive Director Kathleen Taylor on government surveillance of local activists. Read More »

REAL ID a Real Fiscal Nightmare

Jan 12, 2006
New documents show that the REAL ID Act will cost the state millions of dollars and cause major headaches at the Department of Licensing. Read More »

Hotel Searches: Privacy Checked at Front Desk

Aug 12, 2005
The ACLU is trying to put the kibosh on warrantless police searches of hotel registries. Suspicionless searches strike at people’s right to travel freely and violate protections against unreasonable governmental intrusion into one’s private affairs. Read More »

Unreal Law: A National ID Card

Jul 12, 2005
The ACLU opposes the REAL ID Act, which will lead to a de facto national identity card, and threaten the privacy of personal information. Read More »

Landmark Ruling Says Police Need Warrant for GPS Surveillance

Sep 11, 2003
In a first-in-the-nation case, the Washington Supreme Court today unanimously ruled that police must obtain a warrant in order to track an individual's movements by Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The ruling agrees with the contentions of an amicus brief submitted in the case by the American Civil Liberties Union. Read More »

ACLU Offers Legal Advice on Protecting Privacy of Book Purchases

Dec 10, 2002
The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington is offering free legal advice to booksellers in the state who receive subpoenas or search warrants seeking disclosure of customer purchase records. The ACLU is making the offer in letters sent to booksellers statewide. Read More »

Okanogan County Pays $35,000 for Illegal Strip Search of Juvenile

Oct 2, 2002
Okanogan County has paid a settlement of $35,000 to a young woman for subjecting her to an illegal strip search at the county's juvenile detention facility in 1999. The young woman was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union. The County changed its strip search policy for juveniles shortly after the ACLU initially contacted officials about the matter. Read More »