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Press releases about ACLU of Washington actions, in chronological order.

State Patrol Suspends Random Searches at Ferry Docks

Jun 25, 2002
Under pressure from civil libertarians, the Washington State Patrol has suspended searching randomly selected cars of people seeking to board state ferries. While the state patrol had claimed the searches were voluntary, motorists who did not consent to the arbitrary searches were prevented from boarding the boat. Read More »

Subpoena for Names of Chat Room Participants Dropped

Feb 5, 2002
People have been free to express their opinions using pseudonyms since the early days of our nation. Read More »

Federal Court Upholds Anonymous Speech on Internet

Apr 18, 2001
In a precedent-setting ruling on free speech in cyberspace, a federal court in Seattle today upheld the right to speak anonymously on the Internet. Read More »

Legislation Filed To Protect Privacy of Cable Television Subscribers

Feb 6, 2001
Today legislation was introduced in the House and the Senate to ensure the privacy of cable television subscribers. Senate Bill 5868 and House Bill 1842 prohibit a cable company from revealing to any third party which cable services an individual subscriber receives, or the extent or nature of the subscriber’s viewing or use of other cable services. Read More »

ACLU Proposes Bills to Protect Medical Privacy

Jan 24, 2000
Responding to citizen demands for action to safeguard sensitive personal information, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington has drafted House and Senate bills to protect the privacy of people’s medical information. The bills would prohibit non-health care providers with legitimate access to medical records from disclosing these medical records to anyone else for further use. The bills would bar insurance companies from marketing medical records to third parties. Read More »

Legislative Task Force Study on Spam

Jun 23, 1998
On June 23, 1998 ACLU-WA Board member Doug Klunder testified before the Commercial Electronic Task Force on Spam. Read More »

Online Access to Government Information

Jul 17, 1993
The ACLU-W believes in protection of rights of access to government information. Information is not owned by the government, but merely maintained by it; it should be available to all citizens. Access to information can empower citizens and lead to a more democratic, responsive, and generally better government. This policy does not address the question of what information is collected and maintained by governments; it is only concerned with access to existing information. Neither does it address what information should be exempt from disclosure. Read More »

Arrestees Should Not Have Their DNA Taken

A person’s DNA is the blueprint of one’s identity. The ACLU-WA opposes proposals to collect DNA from people who are merely arrested, regardless of whether they are convicted. Read More »