Causes of Homelessness Quiz

How much do you know about the causes of homelessness in Washington? Take our quiz and find out.

Question #1

What are the primary drivers of homelessness in Washington?

  a. Drug addiction
  b. Mental illness
  c. Lack of affordable housing and stagnant wages

Question #2

True or false: Pay has increased more sharply than housing prices.

Question #3

True or false: A $100 increase in median rent equals 2,900 more people who are homeless.

Question #4

What percentage of Washington households are paying more, or far more, than they can afford for housing?

  a. 17 percent
  b. 24 percent
  c. 36 percent


Question #5

True or false: People of color are disproportionately affected by the housing affordability crisis.

Question #6

True or false: There’s enough shelter space in Seattle for everyone who is camping outside.
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