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Voting is fundamental to our democracy. Every single American, regardless of race, gender, wealth, physical ability, age, or identity, must have a say in how their community is governed, and who represents them. But those rights are under assault. Donald Trump and Kris Kobach are working hard to create a narrative of widespread voter fraud – a thinly veiled attempt to set the stage for systematic voter suppression. Meanwhile, legislators in nearly every state have proposed legislation such as voter ID laws, to make it harder to vote, especially for people of color, older and younger voters.
Washington Court of Appeals has struck down Washington's criminal libel statutes as unconstitutional
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A class action in state court on behalf of employees of Gate Gourmet under the Washington Law Against Discrimination (“WLAD”), RCW 49.60, for Defendant’s failure to accommodate their religious and/or sincerely held belief

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