Tell lawmakers it's time to increase the sentencing review age

This legislative session, lawmakers have the chance to offer hope to many young, incarcerated individuals by raising the age for post-conviction sentence review.

If Washington state were a country, it would have the sixth highest incarceration rate in the world. For decades, our state has been overly reliant on life and long sentences, specifically for young people.

Yet, instead of keeping people safe, these sentences have devastated marginalized communities.

Sign in PRO on HB 1325 by 12:30 p.m. on Monday, January 15, and tell lawmakers to increase the age for sentence review consideration from 18 to 25.

It is time to offer hope to a large population of incarcerated individuals, many of whom are people of color, who have been harmed by a sentencing system that did not take into account modern brain science around their young age or their capacity for growth.

Backed by modern brain science which says a young person’s brain is rarely fully developed before age 25, this bill modernizes state code, decreases incarceration costs, and takes meaningful steps to address racial disparities in sentencing.

Take action now – tell lawmakers to bring Washington state sentencing practices in line with the best evidence regarding brain development.

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