Tell lawmakers to reject weak AI legislation

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly, and with it comes dangers to our privacy and civil liberties that necessitate strong and meaningful regulations.

AI systems can reinforce racial, gender, and other forms of bias and produce discriminatory outcomes; generate and spread false and misleading information; and collect, manipulate, and use your personal information – all without your knowledge or consent.

Unfortunately, HB 1951, an AI bill that puts tech industry interests over the transparency and safeguards that Washingtonians deserve, is advancing in the state legislature. As currently drafted, it offers ordinary people little recourse to fight back against these dangers.

Tell lawmakers to reject weak AI regulations: Sign in CON on HB 1951 by 7:00 a.m. on Friday, January 19.
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HB 1951, as currently drafted, does little to protect Washingtonians. It:
  • does not require AI systems to be transparent, making it harder for people to make informed decisions about their use;
  • does not allow users to opt-out of being subject to AI decision-making that impacts their lives;
  • fails to mandate a strong assessment of a system's risks and potential discriminatory effects before it is used;
  • and offers no legal recourse for people harmed by AI.
Washingtonians deserve strong, meaningful protections to ensure AI systems do not violate their privacy and civil liberties. In its current form, HB 1951 will not provide the safeguards necessary to protect against these harms.

Take action now – tell lawmakers to reject weak AI regulations.

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