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Immigrant Detention

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Groups Ask Federal Court to Block Deportation Hearings for Children Without Legal Representation

Aug 1, 2014
The ACLU and civil rights groups have asked a federal court to immediately stop the government from pursuing deportation proceedings against several children unless it ensures they have legal representation. The move comes as immigration courts are speeding up deportation hearings via a "rocket docket." Read More »
Young, Scared, Alone, and in Court

Groups sue feds over failure to provide legal representation for immigrant children facing deportation

Jul 9, 2014
The ACLU and allies are pursuing a lawsuit challenging the federal government's failure to provide immigrant children with legal representation in deportation proceedings against them. It is unfair to force children to defend themselves alone against government prosecutors. Read More »

Groups Sue Feds over Failure to Provide Legal Representation for Children in Deportation Proceedings

The American Civil Liberties Union, American Immigration Council, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Public Counsel, and K&L Gates LLP filed a nationwide class-action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of children who are challenging the federal government's failure to provide them with legal representation as it carries out deportation hearings against them. Read More »
Lady Justice

Ruling Spurs Counties to Stop Holding Immigrants for Feds

June 30, 2014
A federal court ruling has spurred Washington counties to stop holding immigrants in jail past the time they are eligible for release. The ACLU-WA and the NW Immigrant Rights Project are urging all counties and cities to follow suit. Read More »

Court Ruling Will Curb Ethnic Profiling of Immigrants

Sep 17, 2013
In a victory for fair treatment of immigrants, Pierce County Superior Court has found that local law enforcement officers cannot prolong a detention to question individuals about their immigration status, citizenship status, and/or country of origin.  Read More »

UW Report: Collaboration between King County Jail and ICE has unfair and costly impacts

Mar 27, 2013
A study released by the University of Washington today offers detailed analysis of the impacts of King County Jail’s collaboration in the immigration enforcement policies and practices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Read More »
Press Conference

Reject Arizona’s Racial Profiling Law and What It Stands For

The ACLU-WA’s Shankar Narayan joined immigrant rights allies and elected officials in speaking out against Arizona’s racial profiling law, SB 1070, a press conference on the steps of the federal courthouse in Seattle. He pointed that such laws fly in the face of our fundamental values. Read More »

Standing Up Against Injustice: We Honor the Courage of Gordon Hirabayashi

Gordon Hirabayashi was a senior at University of Washington when bombs fell at Pearl Harbor. Like 112,000 of his fellow Japanese Americans, he would be placed under curfew, ordered into internment, and finally jailed for defying those orders. Forty years later, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated his conviction. On Monday, Hirabayashi died at the age of 93. We here at the ACLU of Washington honor his memory. Read More »

"Papers please"? No thanks.

Arizona's new law creates a mini-police state where people can be asked to show their papers to law enforcement simply because they look or sound "foreign." We must reject any efforts to enact such measures in Washington and make sure that what happens in Arizona stops in Arizona. Read More »