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A Guide to Washington's Medical Marijuana Law

Jul 17, 2015
Washington State voters passed the Medical Use of Marijuana Act in 1998 as a ballot initiative (I-692).  The information here provides a general explanation of the law. Read More »
I-502 Graphic

Public Health Experts Urge Legislature Not to Raid Marijuana Tax Revenue Earmarked for Prevention, Treatment, Evaluation

Apr 21, 2015
Several dozen leading substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals and public health experts, along with the Initiative 502 sponsors, wrote to the Washington Legislature urging that earmarked tax revenue under I-502 not be raided for other purposes. Read More »
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Eliminate the differences between I-502 and medical marijuana law

This op-ed first appeared in the Opinion section of the Seattle Times. As medical marijuana heads back to Olympia, legislators are bracing for a rerun of last session’s drama of makeshift dispensary operators and self-appointed patient advocates decrying any effort to rein in abuses of the law. Read More »
Alison Holcomb speaks at store opening

Proving that we can do better than prohibition: Washington makes history

ACLU-WA Criminal Justice Director Alison Holcomb spoke at the historic opening of the first legally-licensed marijuana retail store in Seattle along with with business owner James Lathrop and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes.  Her comments acknowledge both the failures of prohibition and the efforts of so many to replace it with a system that works.  Read More »
Alison Holcomb speaks at store opening

I-502 makes history: The first retail marijuana stores open in Washington

The first legally-licensed retail outlets for the sale of marijuana under voter-approved I-502 opened on July 8th. This is a big step toward ending nearly a century of prohibition, keeping nonviolent adult marijuana users out of jail, redirecting profits from the black market to serve the public good, and ending racial disparities in who is arrested for marijuana possession. Read More »

Court Filings for Adult Marijuana Possession Plummet

Mar 19, 2014
As intended, the passage of I-502 is having a dramatic effect on low-level marijuana prosecutions. ACLU-WA analysis of Washington court data reveals that filings for misdemeanor marijuana offenses have decreased precipitously – freeing up criminal justice system resources to deal with serious crime. Read More »