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Mission Creep: The Patriot Act and the War on Drugs

One disturbing consequence of the Patriot Act, which just marked its ten-year anniversary, is how it has been used for law enforcement actions not related to combating terrorism -- the rationale for the Act's passage. A glaring example can be seen in the use of "sneak and peak” searches for drug crimes. Read More »

"Top Secret America" Sheds Light on the Intelligence-Industrial Complex

This week, the Seattle Times is running a Washington Post expose on the vast American intelligence bureaucracy. Called Top Secret America, the series delves deep into the underbelly of the intelligence world and exposes a runaway freight train that costs a pretty penny and does little to keep us safe. Of particular significance to ACLU-ers, the series documents official frustration with data overload, notes the high cost and low efficacy of the expanding network of programs and agencies, and highlights concerns with the increasing role of private intelligence contractors. Those familiar with our work on surveillance and privacy will recognize these issues as common refrains. Read More »

Murray, Inslee, McDermott Vote Against PATRIOT Act

Mar 7, 2006
Senator Patty Murray and Representatives Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott were among the brave members of Congress who opposed the renewal of the PATRIOT Act. Show your support for their decision! Read More »

Some Tips for Passing a City Council Resolution

Feb 3, 2003
An ACLU overview of steps to passing a local resolution opposing the USA PATRIOT Act and other anti-liberty features of the Homeland Security program. Read More »
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Sep 12, 2001
The ACLU is working to reform the excesses of the PATRIOT Act and is seeking passage of the Security and Freedom Enhancement Act (SAFE Act) to provide needed checks and balances. Read More »