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School Discipline

Liberty Link: New Washington school discipline data shows need for change

The ACLU of Washington has been working with allies to replace suspensions and expulsions with smarter, more effective forms of discipline.  According to new data from our friends at Washington Appleseed, students of color, students in special education programs, and students from lower-income families receive suspensions and expulsions at a higher rate than other students for similar misbehavior. Read More »
Teachers and youth talking

The School Discipline Conversation is Catching On

Students of color, disabled students, and low-income students are all disciplined more often and more harshly than their classmates, despite evidence that they don’t misbehave more often or engage in more troubling behavior. Read More »

W.P. v. Peninsula School District

This case involves a lawsuit filed by the mother of an autistic child after her child was regularly placed in a small closet-sized room by the child’s schoolteacher when the child engaged in disruptive behavior.   Read More »

Mortgaged Futures: 30% of Juveniles Arrested

By the time they’re 23 years old, between 30 and 41 percent of Americans have been arrested, according to a study recently released by the journal Pediatrics.  This number has sharply increased in recent decades; in the mid-1960s, only 22 percent of Americans reported having been arrested by the time they turned 23. Read More »

For Back to School Time: Resources Galore and a "Fairness Checklist"

It’s the beginning of Fall and that always means … Back to School time! For students, parents, and educators, the ACLU-WA has many resources about rights at public school. Read More »