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Sports Equity

V is for Victory

The ACLU of Washington has joined with the Women's Sports Foundation in a campaign called "V is for Victory" ( to ensure that students receive equal treatment in middle and high school sports programs. Our society has made great strides under Title IX -- the landmark 1972 federal law banning sex discrimination in school programs -- but many girls' teams still lack the support and resources enjoyed by most boys' teams. Now it's time to tie the score!

  • Free Workshops for Parents, Students, Coaches and School Districts

    The campaign featured "Tying the Score" workshops in Washington state to improve awareness, identify concerns, and provide solutions about gender equity in athletics.

  • Watch a student's story of unequal treatment

    Please take a minute to fill out our simple survey on community recreation leagues for girls and send us your opinions and stories.

    Grade Your School - Fill out a gender equity "Report Card" and see how your school rates under Title IX

  • ACLU Hails Passage of "Fair Play in Community Sports" Bill

    The ACLU of Washington hailed the Washington Legislature's passage today of the "Fair Play in Community Sports" bill (SB 5967) to prohibit sex discrimination in public community sports programs. The ACLU-WA worked for its passage as part of a partnership with the Women's Sports Foundation to promote equal treatment for women and girls in sports.

  • Share Your Stories

    More girls than ever are participating in school sports and community recreation leagues, but many girls' teams are still not getting the same benefits and opportunities as the boys' teams. Do you have a story to share about unequal treatment at school or in a private community sports league? We would love to hear from you! E-mail us your story here

  • Learn More

    Visit the Women's Sports Foundation's "V is for Victory" home page

  • Gender Equity in Athletics: A Guide for Families and Students

    Download (PDF)