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Lady Justice

Court Orders State to Stop Violating Rights of People with Mental Illness in Jail

A federal judge has rebuked the State of Washington and ordered it to provide competency services speedily to people with mental illness in jails. The ruling came in a suit on behalf of incarcerated pre-trial detainees who have sat for weeks and months awaiting court-ordered services. Read More »

Capitol Building

Support Civil Liberties in the State Legislature

As the 2015 session heads into the home stretch, the ACLU is working to pass measures to end modern-day debtors’ prisons, regulate government use of drones and Stingrays, ensure everyone a meaningful vote in local elections, and blocks efforts to undermine a key feature of the state’s marijuana law.  Read More »
LEAD Banner

Innovative LEAD Program Is Showing Success

Apr 8, 2015
An evaluation of the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program has found that it is reducing recidivism rates for participants. Under LEAD, instead of prosecuting low-level drug and prostitution suspects, law enforcement officers divert them to treatment and other social services.  Read More »
Kevan Coffey and Margaret Chen

Woman Sues Public Hospital District to Ensure Access to Abortion

Feb 19, 2015
The ACLU of Washington today filed a lawsuit seeking to have Skagit Regional Health comply with Washington’s Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA).  The suit is part of a new statewide effort by the ACLU to ensure that all public hospitals are complying with the RPA. Read More »

Court Orders New System of Districts for Yakima Elections

A federal court has issued an order requiring Yakima to implement a plan designed to provide Latino voters a meaningful voice in city council elections. The action followed a 2014 ruling in an ACLU-WA lawsuit that the city’s at-large election system unlawfully diluted the votes of the city’s Latino residents.  Read More »