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A Letter to Democracy

Monday, November 9, 2020
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Dear Supporters,

Over the past four years we’ve witnessed some of the cruelest policies in our nation’s history, but we’ve also rallied, flooding the streets, the airports, and the courts to fight for freedom, equity, and equality. With your support and determination, you showed you were more than up for the task. Now, through their vote, the bedrock activity of our democracy, Americans have sent a clear message that they stand against the politics of division, hate, and fear.

Now, we must turn our attention to boldly leading freedom forward, because it’s never been about one party, person, or president. The work of defending our rights and fighting for progress started long before the current president was sworn in—and it won’t end when he leaves office in January.

You have our vow that we will continue fighting for your rights and holding our leaders accountable, regardless of political party. The ACLU sued the Trump administration and his predecessor’s administration countless times. Our approach to the Biden administration will be no different. 

Together with our partners here in Washington and across the nation, we are actively seeking to reunite the families of more than 650 children who were separated at the border, battling the growth of government surveillance, protecting your privacy, transforming the criminal legal system and policing, representing LGBTQ rights, defending the right to vote and through all of these efforts and so much more, fighting for racial justice and equity. Because we cannot rest until we’ve built an America where equity and equality aren’t just ideals of our Constitution—they are a lived reality for all people.

We are in this together,

Michele Storms 
Executive Director, ACLU of Washington