The right to care: A social media and advocacy toolkit

Table of Contents

1. What You Need to Know
2. How You Can Share with Friends and Family
3. Take Action
4. Share Your Story
5. Social Media Guidance and Assets

What You Need to Know

What is the Problem?

Health Care System Consolidation
Health systems across Washington are limiting the reproductive, end-of-life and LGBTQ+ related care that residents need. This problem is exacerbated by the large number of health systems that have consolidated in our state. These consolidations often result in fewer health care options for patients and can be devastating when, for example, hospitals or clinics with religious institutional policies restrict or deny services. Click here to learn more about the oversight of health systems consolidation.

Protecting Pregnant Patients Act
In the event of a pregnancy loss, a pregnant patient and their family should not have to worry that they won’t receive appropriate care because of a hospital’s policies or religious affiliation. Yet in Washington, care is often delayed or denied for patients with miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies due to the institutional policies of health systems. The result of delaying or denying care for a patient with a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy can be serious illness or even death. Learn more about the protecting pregnant patient act.

How You Can Share with Friends and Family

Send them an email about supporting the right to care here.

Take Action

Go here to send a direct message to your lawmakers urging them to ensure access to critical health services for patients in Washington.

Share Your Story

Do you have a personal story you would like to share with us? You can share that story here.

Social Media Guidance and Assets

Use the power of digital advocacy to educate your followers and spread awareness on social media.

Here are some messaging ideas:
  • Patients should always be the priority. Send a message to Olympia and help ensure access to critical health services for patients in Washington.
  • No matter where a patient lives or seeks medical treatment, they should trust that they can get the care they need.
  • Health systems in Washington have delayed and denied care to patients who are miscarrying or have an ectopic pregnancy. NO patient should worry about being able to receive the care they need.
  • When health systems merge, the government must ensure that communities are able to access the care they need, WHEN they need it.
Link to share in post.

Hashtag to use:
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