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Chamber of Commerce Survey Shows Support for Legalizing Marijuana

Yet another sign of the growing support for changing our marijuana laws: In the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s recent online poll, over 70% of respondents support Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson’s bill to regulate and tax marijuana for adults 21 and older. HB 1550 directs the Washington State Liquor Control Board to regulate marijuana production and sales. According to the Chamber’s newsletter, supporters noted that legalization and regulation “would raise revenue and allow law enforcement to concentrate its resources elsewhere.”   

Thanks to the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce for bringing attention to this important issue.  Its poll echoes the sentiment of the recent Seattle Times editorial calling for passage of the bill.  

HB 1550 will be the focus of a special work session in the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, March 16th at 3:30pm.

Tell your legislators that it’s time for responsible marijuana laws by clicking here.

Clarification on Seattle Chamber poll

We asked the question in an unscientific poll in a newsletter distributed widely to people throughout Seattle and King County. Respondents are not necessarily Chamber members. Only 82 people participated. It is not an official Chamber position. We have taken no stand.

Thank you!

This is wonderful to hear. Somehow I'm not utterly shocked by this news. At the very heart of cannabis prohibition lies a core of cognitive dissonance.

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