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Federal v. State Marijuana Law Conflict – More Contentious Than Ever

As Connecticut becomes the fourteenth state in the U.S. (see map below) to decriminalize adult possession of marijuana (treats possession of less than half an ounce like a traffic ticket), it’s clear that many states want to take a different approach towards marijuana; despite the federal government’s continued blustering on state medical marijuana laws.

Marijuana Possession Has Already Been Decriminalized in Fourteen States

Washington state is no stranger to this issue and in 2012 will likely be at the forefront of how the federal government deals with states that reform marijuana laws. A newly formed organization called New Approach Washington recently filed an initiative to the legislature that would legalize and regulate the production and sales of marijuana. Recent polls show that it has a good chance of passing, so the day may soon come when recreational marijuana use is permitted under state law, but prohibited by the federal government.

The federal government should do the right thing and allow Washington and other states to experiment on this issue. After all, the vast majority of marijuana law enforcement is conducted by state law enforcement and not the federal government. Washington voters should decide our state’s marijuana policy, not the feds.

One thing is for certain, the disconnect between state and federal marijuana laws is not going away. Stay tuned, 2012 will be an interesting year to watch.

The Legal Systems

The marijuana policy is absolutely the way to decrease drugs users in using the kind of highly destructive drug. It should the states to control the kind of issues. The law governing that cases must be run out through each state.

There has to be a very strict

There has to be a very strict law governing the use of Marijuana. If it were to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana, there is still a need for regulation to prevent more people especially children from smoking marijuana irresponsibly.

Gordon -

Marijuana laws fed vers state

Regarding the Federal Governments Stand on Medical Marijuana

It seems no matter how hard we try the Feds are not giving in.

Why doesn't the Federal Government just give the marijuana issue to the individual States. Kind of like sending government agencies to Privatizing.

Then the Federal Government will alleviate all the costs pertaining to marijuana with-in the Federal agencies. Of course they will have to lower the "Schedule" position to at least below Meth instead of keeping it at the top of the list of really bad drugs.

By transferring the Federal Laws on Marijuana to the individual States would alleviate, all those court costs(fighting each state) and DEA costs of enforcing the laws.Haven't they thought about privatizing the Post Office?. Washington just voted in favor of giving the State Liquor Department and stores to individual companies. The Federal Government as well as all other governments in this country need cut-backs. So here you are!

Fruit and oily flower smoking not worst than liquor.

If you can drink whiskey or liquor than whats wrong with a cigar of natural fruit and oily flower or herb smoking? Touching people first is not self defense and I hate violence and ignorance or lack of education. Its okay only if it is natural if you want my opinion.
Opinions and police that kidnap female prisoners. NYC drug war. 11 devils horns.

marrijanna is da fuking bomb

marrijanna is da fuking bomb


I believe that Marijuana should be legalized for recreational and medicinal uses. This decision is one that is best left up to the individual states because the Federal Government clearly has no realistic understanding of marijuana or any desire to get their facts straight.
Anyone with a brain stem knows that marijuana is NOT dangerous and the FACT that it can improve almost anyone's life whether used recreationally or medicinally cannot be disproven. Of course as with literally everything else there lies on every marijuana users shoulders a sense of responsibility, or as some would call it, common sense. Marijuana should not under any circumstances be used by children (we don't let children get married, drive cars or make important financial decisions do we?) there are some things meant for adults and some things meant for children. Time spent using marijuana should not replace time spent with family or loved ones or time spent at work. No one should drive while under the influence of marijuana.
I sure hope the states get this one figured out and the plague of the federal government is soon to follow suit.
I also agree with the previous comment "Marijuana is da fuckin bomb"


we should be able to regulate marijuana as we do with other drugs, like alcohol and tabacco, through the State. There are more health benefits that come with marijuana than any other drug including persciption/synthetic drugs and is all natural!


Adolesents will continue to find drugs and use drugs if they wish them. At this point it is easier for them to get a joint than to get a pack of cigarrettes. You are stating that by passing law to regulate and sell Marijuana to people for recreational (or medical) use will increase the use in adolesents it is simply unfounded and just not correct. 

I am not stating that Marijuana is without health issues as they are five times more carcinnogenic than regular tobacco but it cannot be refuted that there is evidence supporting its theraputic use (THC) and less harmful effects than tobacco and alcholol in casual recreational use. What I am saying is that it should be regulated, taxed, and used by people who wish to flex their own rights as to what should go into their bodys at any given time. 




The facts simply don’t support the public perceptions on >Marijuana Seeds. We ought to be really worried about the legal opioid drugs that young people are actually overdosing on and not those that absolutely no one overdoses on.

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