Does v. Washington State Patrol

This court case is active

The ACLU is concerned with public record requests for information pertaining to level I sex offenders who are in compliance with registration requirements, are judged to pose a low risk to the general public, and are not currently subject to broad based community notification. The ACLU asserts that RCW 4.24.550, the sex offender registration statute, sets forth a comprehensive scheme for agency release to the general public of such information, and thus constitutes an "other statute" exempting these records from the PRA.

Status update 2/25/2014: The court has entered orders preliminarily preventing the WSP from producing Level I offender records.  Next hearing April 3, 2014. 

Status update 4/3/2014:  A statewide class was certified.  The order and class definition will be posted when they are entered by the Court.