Flights & Rights - Immigration and Police Practices (Ellensburg)

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Kittitas Valley Event Center
Flights & Rights is our monthly community series featuring important civil rights issues and great beer in the Kittitas Valley Event Center! On January 27th, Enoka Herat (ACLU-WA Police Practices & Immigration Counsel), Brenda Rodriguez (Eastern WA Network Coordinator from Washington Immigration Solidarity Network, also known as WAISN), and Abby Scholar (Executive Director of  Central Washington Justice for our Neighbors, also known as CWJFON) spoke about immigration enforcement in Washington.
We have seen an alarming rise in agents entering courthouse across Washington and stopping people going about their civic duties, apparently based on skin color, perceived accents, and names. The Trump policy which allows immigration officers to conduct arrests in courthouses, has been proven to significantly damage the ability of the police, prosecutors, defenders, and judges to deliver justice. They also explained how the recently enacted Keep Washington Working law will keep local law enforcement from doing the work of federal immigration authorities and how a new state bill needs your support to defend access to justice in our state.

Learn how today’s struggles fit into our long history of racist immigration policy and what the ACLU and allies are doing to push back right now.