Flights & Rights with The Riveter: Reproductive Rights in Washington: A Fight Far from Over

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
The Riveter: Capitol Hill

Join us for a special Flights & Rights, a community series featuring important civil rights issues and great beverages at The Riveter.

Reproductive Freedom is integral to equity for women, in the workplace and beyond. Today's political landscape leaves access to reproductive healthcare hanging in the balance -- not just at the executive and federal levels, but in state legislatures across the country and, importantly, in the make up the U.S. Supreme Court. While Washington is far ahead of many states around the country when it comes to protecting reproductive freedom, we still have far to go. ACLU Health Care and Liberty Counsel Leah Rutman talk about where we stand in Washington as the Trump administration takes aim at Roe v Wade, and how we can all fight back.

Sound Craft Seltzer will be providing the beverages. Must RSVP and be 21 + to attend.