Protest; ICE at Juvenile Detention Center Longview

Friday, July 17, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Cowlitz County Juvenile Court
Last week SWCUC leadership was notified that there was a 17 year old Migrant boy being detained in a facility meant to serve as Cowlitz counties Juvenile Detention Center. Upon research and active community members digging, we were able to find out the the detention center has been being used since 2015 as as holding center for ICE, and that the city of Longview has been profiting approx. $170.00 a day housing these youth.

Despite a judge order to release all children being held at the center for ICE to be released due to the impacts of COVID-19, 1 child has remained in custody. This youth has now turned 18 and is being transported to another facility. We are outraged that the City of Longview would engage in such behavior, and are calling that the city take direct action and end this now!

Join us in the fight for continued Justice! All lives cannot matter until our most vulnerable do!