ACLU-WA Publishes Booklet on Transgender Rights

News Release: 
Monday, February 7, 2011

Can a transgender person change his or her name on a birth certificate?  Do laws specifically protect transgender students from discrimination?  If a spouse undergoes sex reassignment surgery, is the couple still legally married?

A new ACLU-WA booklet, The Rights of Transgender People in Washington State, addresses these and many other practical legal issues encountered by transgender individuals. The publication is available online in the “Resources” section of the ACLU-WA website. (The answer to all the above questions, by the way, is Yes.)

“We’re getting increasing questions about transgender issues, and Washington in many ways is among the leaders in protecting the rights of transgender people. We felt it was important to provide a resource that answers many basic questions in this cutting-edge area of civil rights law,” said ACLU-WA legal director Sarah Dunne.

The booklet explains the protections provided by the Washington Law Against Discrimination, as well as other state and federal laws. Sections of the publication address name changes and identity documents, family matters, health care coverage, rights in prison, immigrant rights, and criminal law.

Anyone in Washington who feels they have experienced instances of discrimination based on their gender expression or identity is encouraged to contact the ACLU-WA by mail, online, or by calling our Intake and Referral Line at 206-624-2180.


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