ACLU of Washington Statement on Student-Led Protests on University Campuses

News Release: 
Monday, April 29, 2024
Media Contact: Brian Robick, [email protected]  
April 29, 2024 
Students have been leading protests on campuses in support of Palestine at universities and colleges in the state of Washington. Vanessa Torres Hernandez, Integrated Advocacy Director at the ACLU of Washington, issued this reaction: 

“The freedom of expression is a foundational value of the academic system and a cornerstone of our democracy. As students demonstrate in support of Palestine on campuses and schools across the state, we call on university and school administrators to honor and protect this core American value. 

Students at public institutions have the right to assemble, attend demonstrations and participate in protest activity as long as they do not violate a school’s narrowly tailored time, place and manner restrictions. An institution disagreeing with a student’s position or finding that position controversial is insufficient grounds to violate their free speech. 

Discrimination and targeted harassment based in racism or bigotry has no place on university campuses or anywhere else. The ACLU of Washington urges administrators to honor and defend the First Amendment rights of demonstrators on university and college campuses statewide.”