Judge Orders New District System to Ensure Meaningful Vote for Latino Community in Pasco City Council Elections

News Release: 
Friday, January 27, 2017
The ACLU of Washington sued the city of Pasco in August 2016 on behalf of Bertha Aranda Glatt, a longtime resident of Pasco, to ensure that the Latino community has a meaningful opportunity to elect representatives of their choice to the City Council.  Soon after the lawsuit was filed, the City of Pasco admitted that its election system violated the Voting Rights Act, and the parties submitted their proposed remedies to Judge Lonny Suko of the federal court for the Eastern District of Washington. Today Judge Suko ordered Pasco to implement its proposed 6-1 election system under which six seats on the Council will be elected by district and one seat will be elected at-large. 
This new election system includes three majority-Latino districts. “The ability for the Latino community to elect three candidates to the City Council is an absolute win for the City of Pasco and all of its residents.  This change will ensure that all voices are heard in City Council decisions and that all communities’ interests are respected and considered,” said Bertha Aranda Glatt. 
Under this new election system, the Latino community will now have the opportunity to elect three representatives of their choosing to the City Council. All seats on the City Council will be up for election in 2017.