Pass Juvenile Points (HB 2065/SB 5971)

In the 2023 session, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed into law EHB 1324, which stopped the practice of automatically giving people longer sentences because of prior juvenile adjudications, while still maintaining the ability for judges to see and consider a person’s juvenile record in sentencing. However, as enacted, EHB 1324 leaves the harms of the past unresolved by denying relief to those currently incarcerated.   

This year, a coalition that includes formerly and currently incarcerated allies is returning to Olympia to make this law retroactive and pass the juvenile points trailer bill. 

House: Stearns, Hackney, Ramel, Simmons, Reed, Ormsby, Street, Gregerson, Doglio, Lekanoff, Fosse, Santos, Reeves, Pollet
Senate: Kauffman, Frame, Dhingra, Hasegawa, Keiser, Lovelett, Nguyen, Nobles, Stanford, Valdez, Wellman, Wilson.

House - HB 2065: Passed House - in Senate Ways & Means Committe 
Senate - SB 5971: In Ways & Means Committee