Send an email to Lawmakers: Pass HB 2065 out of committee

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Dear Chair Ormsby, Vice Chair Bergquist, Vice Chair Gregersson, and Vice Chair Macri,

I write today to urge the House Appropriations committee to schedule HB 2065 for a hearing and an executive session to advance this urgently needed legislation this session.

HB 2065 builds on already passed legislation (EHB 1324) to align the judicial system with established modern brain science, advance racial justice, and promote fairness in sentencing. An estimated 809-1,437 individuals remain incarcerated on enhanced sentences that no longer exist. The bill allows anyone currently incarcerated whose offender score was increased due to juvenile points the opportunity to go before a judge and potentially be resentenced. Under the bill, the person only has the opportunity but not the guarantee of a new sentence.

As a matter of fairness and racial justice, support retroactive reform and pass HB 2065!

Thank you,