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Sex Education

Comprehensive Sex Education: Two Local School Districts Revise Their Curricula

The ACLU-WA applauds the efforts of two eastern Washington school districts that have taken important strides toward implementing comprehensive sex education. We’ve been working together with the Central Valley and Clarkston school districts to align their sex education curricula with the requirements of Washington’s Healthy Youth Act. Both districts have confirmed they are removing from their curricula materials that, among other things, provide medically inaccurate information, promote gender stereotypes, and show a bias against LGBT students. Removing such materials will help ensure that students acquire knowledge needed to protect their health and build healthy relationships. The ACLU-WA urges other school districts to review their curricula to make sure they follow the Healthy Youth Act’s requirements for being medically and scientifically accurate and free of bias. Read More »

ACLU-WA Tells School Districts to Comply with Healthy Youth Act

October 5, 2010
Washington’s Healthy Youth Act requires that public school sex education curricula be scientifically accurate. The ACLU-WA has contacted school districts that have been using inaccurate and biased materials, telling them they need to comply with the law. Read More »

Sexting and the Law - Press Send to Turn Teenagers into Registered Sex Offenders

Consensual sexting should not be a crime for teens or adults. The frightening reality, however, is that our current child pornography laws coupled with modern technology have the potential to create a sex offender registry populated with the children it was intended to protect and a generation of teenagers who will reach the age of majority already convicted as child sex offenders. This is not what child pornography laws were meant for, and the time has come to address the issue rationally and reasonably, before it is too late.

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Sex, Lies, and . . . The Push for Change

Opponents of sex education for teens have long argued that providing sex education in schools encourages teens to engage in sexual activity. Research has conclusively refuted this and has effectively proven the opposite: sex education in schools makes it more likely that teens will delay sexual initiation.

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Proven Programs Act

Position: support
Status: The Legislature passed SB 5629, and the governor signed it into law.
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Proven Programs Bill Allows State to Seek Funding for Effective Sex Education

To make reasoned, healthy choices about sex and sexuality, young people must have access to full and accurate information. Read More »