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Washington is a vote-by-mail state. You can register to vote by mail or in person.
Return your ballot as soon as possible! Don’t wait until Election Day. Get it done early, track your ballot, and make sure your vote is counted and your voice is heard.

Where can I find a ballot box? How do I mail my ballot?
There are around hundreds of ballot drop box locations throughout the state, within a few miles of nearly all Washingtonians in the state. Your ballot must be dropped by 8pm on Election Day. These boxes are safe and secure. Here’s how they work.
You may also vote by mail. Your ballot needs to be postmarked (processed by a postal worker or the post office) by 8pm on Election Day.
Your ballot does NOT need to be stamped.

There are a few options for sending your ballot through the mail instead of dropping it in a ballot box:
  • You can leave your ballot for your mail carrier to pick up (but try not to wait until Election Day)
  • Drop off your ballot at a Post Office before they close, typically at 5pm or earlier
  • Drop your ballot into a blue United States Postal Service (USPS) collection boxes. These are found on corners, in shopping centers, outside business and even outside post offices. Postal employees empty the collection boxes, so you don’t have to worry about your ballot being stolen.
  • Collection times are posted on each box. Mail is collected from the blue collection boxes typically by 5pm or sometimes even noon, so vote early!
  • If you’ve missed the last pick-up time, then find your nearest ballot box or post office.
  • DO NOT drop your ballot in a FedEx (purple and orange), UPS (brown), or Amazon Locker (yellow) box.

Can I Vote?

To vote in Washington, you must be:
  • Registered to vote
  • A citizen of the United States
  • A legal resident of Washington state for at least 30 days prior to election day
  • At least 18 years old by election day
  • Not disqualified from voting due to a court order 
  • NEW! Even if you have a felony conviction, you may vote. If you are not in prison, you will be allowed to vote, even while on community supervision.
I am currently incarcerated or I have a criminal record

As of 2022, people with felony convictions may vote. If you are not in prison, you will be allowed to vote, even while on community supervision. Learn more here.

I live in an unmarked home or I have a nontraditional address on tribal land

Washington’s Native American Voting Rights Act was signed into law March 14, 2019. The Act allows for “unmarked homes” and “a nontraditional residential address may be used when a voter resides on an Indian reservation or on Indian lands.” Voters may list a building designated by the tribe in their precinct as their residential address.

I have a disability that prevents me from voting by mail, even during the COVID-19 pandemic

Voters with disabilities can request a reasonable accommodation or assistance to vote. To request a reasonable accommodation or assistance, contact your county elections department.

Detailed information is available at the Secretary of State.

Each county opens a voting center prior to each primary, special election, and general election. Each voting center is open during business hours during the voting period, which begins eighteen days before, and ends at 8pm the day of, the primary, special election, or general election. You can locate your nearest voting center by logging into or contacting your county's elections department.

I do not have a home or a stable address

You can register by providing a physical location where you spend most of your time, and a valid mailing address. You can use the address or cross-streets of the shelter (e.g. 10th and Pike, 98122), park, vehicle, intersection or other identifiable location that you consider your current residence if you do not have a traditional residential address. This location will be used to determine which precinct you will vote in.

Along with your residential address, you must also provide a valid mailing address. You need a mailing address in order to receive your ballot and election information on time. You could use a post office box, address of a friend or relative, shelter, day center, or Community Service Office where you can get mail, or general delivery at a local post office.

I don’t have a Washington State ID or Driver’s License

You don’t need one. Use the last four (4) digits of your social security number to sign up using a paper form.

I need access to language assistance

Voter registration is available in many languages to print for mail-in registration.

Voter registration is available in a few languages online - but not as many as the mail in option.

I don’t know if I’m registered

Check your registration status here.

I can’t print a paper form

Request forms be mailed to you by contacting Voter Registration Customer Service at [email protected] or call 800-448-4881. Visit here to find an office to pick up a ballot in person.

I haven’t received my ballot

Your ballot is mailed to you at least 18 days before each election. If you haven’t received it, verify your registration and address here.

Contact Voter Registration Customer Service at [email protected], call 800-448-4881, or visit here for help.

I lost my ballot!

Request a replacement ballot. Contact Voter Registration Customer Service at [email protected], call 800-448-4881, or visit here for help.

I just turned 18

If your address has not changed, you can expect to receive a mailed ballot approximately 2 weeks before Election Day. Get ready to vote!

I am a US Citizen living abroad

You can vote from anywhere in the world! Update your mailing address online with VoteWA or contact your county elections department.

I’m away from Washington right now, but still in the US

Even if you are living outside of Washington State, you will retain your residency if you are: I still have questions.

Answers about voting by mail.

Answers about the current election.

Answers about voting with a criminal record.


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