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Three library users and a nonprofit organization brought suit to ensure that patrons of a library system in Eastern Washington have access to useful and lawful information on the Internet.

In 2010, a court rule was adopted (with the support of the ACLU and numerous access to justice organizations) authorizing waiver of all filing fees and surcharges for indigent litigants (GR 34).

The ACLU-WA filed a motion & proposed amicus brief in the State of Washington’s lawsuit challenging Pres. Trump’s recent Executive Order, arguing that the Order destabilizes and fundamentally alters the lives of many Washington residents & their families
We argue that requirement of this specific form of analysis, when a State Constitutional right to privacy is asserted and claims have been supported, poses a substantial risk to privacy protections in Washington State
WA Supreme Court needs to address whether a sentence of life without parole (LWOP) constitutes cruel punishment when it is imposed under a three strikes mandatory minimum statute and some of the crimes were committed when the defendant was a young adult.
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